Asbestos Fibers

The Hazards of Asbestos Containing Materials

When most people hear the word Asbestos, they instantly cringe. However, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found throughout the world and is used in virtually thousands of products. Consequently, very small trace amounts of the substance can be found in the air we breathe. The word asbestos is derived from a Greek adjective, meaning […]

Gutter Downspout

Dealing with Home and Basement Drainage

Many homeowners have at some point or another experienced unwanted water, seepage, or flooding in their basements.  These events occur in an unpredictable fashion almost all the time.  Homeowners should be knowledgeable in methods on how to deal with surface and subsurface drainage in basement and crawl space areas.  You never know when a situation […]

Ice Dams

The Myths of Ice Dam Solutions

There are several ways to prevent and eliminate ice damming that can be easily completed by a homeowner or a professional contractor. Many of these quick and easy ways can temporarily remove an ice dam; however, they are not necessarily the best prevention method. In this section, we will address common practices that are used […]

Ice Dams

Winter Weather Creates Recipe for Ice Dams

Winter is fully upon us and you may have noticed layers of ice and snow building up on your or your roof. You may have also seen this on other buildings, old or new. This type of accumulation, along with a dip in the temperature, is a perfect combination for ice dams to form. In […]