Carbon Monoxide Alarm Placement in Homes

The Invisible Killer: Carbon Monoxide

One small device can do more than detect a poisonous and fatal gas; it can save millions of lives. Every day, families across the United States are saved by carbon monoxide alarms in their homes. This small device can alert families early on of a carbon monoxide leak, before it’s too late. Wouldn’t you want […]

Hard water stained vs. clean bath tub

Deadly Metals Found in Hard Water

In the United States, roughly 85 percent of homes depend on a hard water supply, according to the Virginia Cooperative Extension. This type of water can be defined as “any water supply that consists of excess metals or minerals”. Hard water is often times safe to consume or use; however, it can create an assortment […]

Asbestos Fibers

The Hazards of Asbestos Containing Materials

When most people hear the word Asbestos, they instantly cringe. However, asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral found throughout the world and is used in virtually thousands of products. Consequently, very small trace amounts of the substance can be found in the air we breathe. The word asbestos is derived from a Greek adjective, meaning […]

Continuous Radon Monitor

The Good News About Radon

What is radon? Radon is a cancer-causing, radioactive gas that has been found in homes ll over the world. It is the result of decay from uranium and occurs naturally underground in soil, rock, and water. Wisconsin has a relatively elevated level of uranium in the soil that is believed to have been left behind […]